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Max. 2 pax per workshop due to Covid restrictions.


For this Advanced Fashion Drawing Class, you will be designing your own collection or portfolio, from scratch. Using the knowledge that you have acquired from our Basic and Intermediate Classes, you will put together a capsule collection - either based on your own collection, or from a client's design brief, for an on-the-job simulation practice.


In this class, we will tutor you based on the varying needs that you may have, in order to bring your illustration to life. By the end of the 3rd class, your capsule collection should be ready to presented.


This Advanced Class teaches you the key fundamentals of how to design and render clothes onto your fashion drawings. We will cover garment details and colouring techniques with pencils and markers. We will also be showing you how to make the fine details of your drawings stand out, you that you can start your planning and designing your very own collection systematically and illustrate important details clearly.


Note: In order to join this Advanced Class, you first have to complete our Intermediate Class. This Advanced Class Comprises of 3 modules. You will be receiving a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of our Advanced Fashion Drawing Class.


Should you need additional tutoring for improving and perfecting your fashion drawing skills, you may choose to sign up for "Extra Class".


Upcoming Workshop Dates:

  • 02 Nov 2021, 10am - 1230pm
  • 05 Nov 2021, 10am - 1230pm

Fashion Drawing - Advanced

  • Please be there by 9.55am, so that our class can commence promptly at 10am. There's just so much to share with you that we want to ensure you get as much knowledge as we can offer :)


    No refunds or credits will be issued for No Shows on the day of workshop or late more than 30 minutes.

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